The One

I found the one a few lifetimes back,
she was tall and I was small
but that didn’t matter at all,
she grunted to me and I to her,
animalistic love in the air
then she was eaten by a bear…
I found the one with the help of an apple, I sold out my people to have her
She betrayed hers and loved me,
Trojan War, Trojan Horse…
I found the one as Cleopatra,
She seduced me with a nation and gave me a son.
I let love blind me and my best friend betray me
Least the nations got married…
I found the one on plague filled streets
I was rich and he was poor
Shakespearean writer and hopeless romantic, he sang forever more
Then father killed him with a sword…
I found the one and became Jack the Ripper,
She loved me long time and said she loved me.
I married her, but she took my money and ran.
Spent the nights looking for her, I think her name was Anne?
I found the one as Sheriff Sam in the old west.
She stood at the corner selling flowers.
I was married but we had an affair.
My crazy wife killed us both, I think this isn’t fair…
I found the one at a bus stop,
He made fun of me and I of him
Life made sense…
But we will never get together, that being said,
Because we like the chase instead.


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